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Twenty eight years now

Since vows made us man and wife

Here’s to our future!


It’s hard to believe nearly three decades have passed since the day we were married.  How different life was then!  Looking at our album, I see so many beloved faces sharing our celebration, faces no longer here with us.  Dear ones, lost to time. So many. Too many.  Recalling the day, I recall them, too–my parents, Neal’s parents, Gramma, aunts, uncles.

How wonderful it was to gather them all together that day, first in my college’s Chapel for our lovely, very personal ceremony, then later at an historic hotel for an elegant, low-key reception, where everyone ate a vegan dinner and topped the meal with two vegan cakes–a spice cake, and a fancy chocolate one.

In the photos, the happiness of our wedding shines not just from our eyes, but from that of all our guests, as well.

Today, we’ll celebrate now, and then. Love–past, present, and future.




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Family portrait

With churning waves as backdrop

Quite a memory!



Over a ways from where I am sitting on the beach, a man is posing his family for a portrait. His camera’s on a tripod in the sand and they all stand with their backs to the sea. The waves are raging today, white caps crashing onto shore, the churned-up sediment turning the water as brown as the sand.

What a memory that photo will be!  Years from now, when it’s posted on the wall of one of the children’s homes, they’ll point at it, remembering this day, when they were all so young and summer was at an end.

Daddy, perhaps, was the parent who wanted one more trip to the beach before school began, so even though the temperature was cool and the wind was strong, down they’d come. Of course, as kids, they’d been impervious to cold and had spent hours running along at the edge of the water, their high, thin voices lost in the deafening roar of the waves.

And then, Daddy had made them all stand still, their ceaseless motion on pause, for just the time it took to gather, to smile, to sprint away again, back down the sand.

Silly Daddy and his pictures, they may have thought. But one day, they will thank God for Daddy and his pictures. Thank God for the memory of that lovely–this lovely–September day.



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Summer reading

Yesterday, I re-read Phyllis Whitney’s “Feather on the Moon”. She has always been one of my favorite authors and was an inspiration who made me want to try writing on my own. This book, like all of her titles, drew me in from the very first page, taught me something about the setting (Victoria, BC), and an art form (totem pole carving), and told a wonderful, intriguing story–all in under 300 pages. Lucky for me, she was very prolific, so I have dozens of other novels to revisit. This summer I plan to read a vintage mystery then a contemporary, repeat, repeat, repeat!

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There’s nothing more fun in the summer than reading books set in the summer, if you ask me. The last few years, I’ve been reading women’s fiction “beach books” at this time of year, really enjoying the sense of place. Maybe because, living on Lake Michigan, it’s easy to relate to that place. Just last weekend, I took my notebook and headed off to the sand. I always mean to write and write and write when I go there. And I do, but not until I’ve soaked up the view to the horizon, watched families set up colorful umbrellas in the sand and unpack picnic hampers, stopped at the snack bar for a little something. Only then can I click on my pen and get started. When I leave, I take a bit of the beach with me. Not just in the sand I inevitably bring home in my tote bag (how does it get in there?), but in the sight of the beach, the scent of water and suntan lotion, the sounds of the seagulls just overhead. It’s magical at the beach in every season, but especially in summer.

At the beach

At the beach

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